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> Всякие приколы по Warhammer-y..., -==-
post Вторник, 16-oe Января 2007, 22:11
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Jerry Springer: “Ok everybody, today’s show is about worshippers of Chaos
and the women who love them. Please welcome our first guest, Sister
Chastity of the Holy Order of the Slain Virgin. Sister, welcome to our

Chastity: “Thank you Jerry”

JS: “ Now Chastity, our producers have told us that you have been seeing
someone for quite some time now.”

C: “Yes. He name is Falthus, and he is a member of the Emperor’s

Audience: “BOOOOOOOOO!”

JS : “Now wait a minute audience. Chastity, isn’t the Emperor’s Children
one of Our Most Holy Emperor’s finest Space Marine Legions?”

C (holding back the tears): ”Well, it was, but now that they have fallen
from grace…oh, he just sits around the fortress all day and melts people
down into drugs! I won’t even tell you what he wants me to do in bed now!

Audience: “Awwwwww…”

JS: “Well, let's bring him out.”

A Space marine in pink armor with leopard skin tights stumbles onto stage:
“All hail our Lord and God Slaanesh!”

Audience “Booooo!”

JS: “Now now, quiet down. Falthus, welcome to the show. Chastity has been
telling us there have been hacing some trouble in paradise…”

Falthus: “Well, there wouldn’t be any trouble if she would grovel at the
feet of our merciless tormentor like I tell her to.”

C: “My love is only for the Emperor!”

F: “Yeah, that’s why he prostituted your order to the Adeptus Astartes!”

C: "Oh, go find someone else to wear lobster claws for you!" *sob*

Audience: “Ooooooooooooooooo!”

JS: “Well, Falthus, Chastity has told us that she has something to tell you.
So I'll just step aside and let her say it.”

C: “Falthus, you know my love for you is second only to the Emperor,
but…well, there is someone else….”

F: “What? Who the hell is it?”

JS: “Let’s bring out Henrik the Enraged, Mighty Champion of Khorne!”

A smashing sound is heard as half the stage set falls to the whirling blade
of a chain axe.
“You are a punk, Flathus. Chastity wants a real man, not some whinny little musician and drug addict!”

F: “You punk a** B****!”

The audience begins to trample each other to get out of the way of the
horrible battle that ensues.
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post Среда, 24-oe Мая 2017, 09:48
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Цитата(MoonPhoenix @ Среда, 24th Май 2017, 06:24 ) *

Это было бы смешно, если бы это было не ГВ

поправил... не благодари...
ЗЫ: а на самом деле это печально... хотя в целом ничего неожиданного...
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