Hi all!

The announcement is as follows:

It will be possible to play casual games at the EC venue on Friday and Saturday evening-night after the EC event. We will have access to the venue till the last organiser wants to sleep.

Negotiations are currently underway with the door to door Sommarklubben (tran: summerclub) to cut their entrance fees for players that want to go to their club to dance, drink etc.

Negotiations are also underway with Sommarklubben to sell beer and other drinks to us that can be consumed in the EC venue if you want to drink beer and play vtes.

News on the Sommarklubben deals will hit the site and forum as soon as negotiations are done.

Personally I find this to be great news, I hope you can enjoy them to.
All the best!
Alex Ek
VEKN Prince of Gothenburg
EC2007 Organiser