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Вот так буржуи готовят прокси к турнирам, в которых эти самые прокси разрешены.
Улыбнуло воспоминание о проксях некоторых товариСЧей на клочке бумажки biggrin.gif

Proxy Rules:
There are two types of acceptable proxies for use in the Star City Games Power 9 tournament series. The first and most basic is taking a basic land card and writing the details of the card on it. The second method is to take a card that shares some of the characteristics with the card that is being proxied and erase any characteristics that do not match, replacing them with the correct characteristics.

All proxies must have the following text neatly printed, using a extra fine point sharpie. Ball point pens may not be used:
• The full name of the card (no abbreviations or nicknames)
• Correct casting cost of the card including all colored mana symbols
• All relevant/game effecting text

When choosing what card to use as the base for an erased proxy players must follow these rules:
• The mana cost of the base spell must be the same as the card being proxied.
• The type of the card being proxied must be the same as the base card.
• The P/T of a creature being proxied must be the same as the base creature P/T
• When proxying a creature it may be difficult to find a creature where all characteristics match. In this case, mana cost is the most important, followed by the P/T, followed by the subtype. Any characteristics that do not match must be erased and corrected.
• The art box, card name, and text box must be totally erased. White out may not be used for this as it affects the stiffness of the card and may mark it.
• When adding text to the card do not use a ball point pen. A extra fine point sharpie is the best thing to use. A ball point pen can cause indentations on the card marking it.
• For clarity reasons, the use of cards with the new card frame is strongly encouraged

• Welding Jar or Spellbook can be used for a Mox or Black Lotus
• Disarm could be used for an Ancestral Recall
• Train of Thought for a Time Walk
• Counsel of the Soratami for a Timetwister.

How to Erase a Card:
Acetone and a cotton ball or q-tip works well, as does a pencil/ink eraser (the white/grey split type) using the grey side. Before erasing the card, take masking tape and tape off all the areas that you don't want erased for a clean edge. It will take time, but it will come off.
Карты поганить? Не, по-моему лучше распечатать на ч\б принтере и нормально.
На серьёзном проксёвом турнире (у нас таких пока не проводится) требования к прокси должны быть достаточно жёсткие.
Кстати, магам, считающим себя в состоянии выиграть нац, похоже, пора организовываться в проксёвые легаси-турниры. Ведь на ЧМ2007 будет легаси.
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