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Maps 1.10
What was one of the biggest things when I started working for WCS over a year ago was people wanted to know, what are the best strategies for maps and the best strategies for race match ups. A lot of people are covering race combinations, hero choices and other such areas of WC3 TFT, and I will also, but one thing no one has talked about (at least in an article), is the massive changes due to their being 6 new maps. There also are a few maps which have been changed greatly due to neutral shops and other such areas, as well as massive creep changes and even creeps that are randomly generated. This changes all the ways people have thought of to maximize efficiency in creeping so they have a greater advantage with higher level heroes (and previously a tremendous amount of gold), as well as extra items. This is what this article will focus on and my next articles will most likely cover races and race match ups, as I progress through all four.

Note: I will not really talk about island maps because I "thumb" them down. I feel they are retarded.

Lost Temple: This is about the only map that has not changed drastically. It is very similar to the RoC Lost Temple will only a few small changes in what creeps are where. A few of the middle creeps have been made more powerful with extra abilities such as the Nuerbian Warrior, which after he is defeated spawns two level 1 units. As well the other side of the middle has an Ice Troll High Priest that can cast frozen armor (a real pain for those using ghouls or footmen early on). However, other parts of the map are much easier, such as the corner creeps which now have a polar bear that dies extremely fast with no rocks to toss at you like the nasty, previous rock golem. However, these creep locations are no longer as valuable as they once were because the item drops from here are no longer insanely powerful. These few changes don’t cause much of a difference so there is not really much to talk about here.

Gnoll Wood: Many would argue this map has not changed much, however I feel strategically it has changed a huge amount. This is caused by runes of rebirth which allow you to get Gnoll Wardens extremely fast at a very early stage of the game. Just imagine super fast creeping all four and charging your enemy with say 4 wardens 6-8 gnolls and a hero. Humans can also do this with footmen, and water elementals. The wardens don’t have much hit points though so you do have to be careful with them, however there ability to purge summoned units and heroes to completely assassinate units attempting to run away is invaluable. This can artificially create an absolutely devastating rush, which I believe prevents all forms of fast expansion on Gnoll Wood, especially because the creeps are naturally fairly powerful at the expansions. This combined with only 3 granite creep areas makes the map very different. Quick creep strategies that involve getting as many wardens as you can then going for the middle and creeping that are extremely effective. I believe this changes the pace of a game on Gnoll Wood, from what used to be a creep fest, to what can be a very aggressive game. However I also believe that the runes of rebirth will be drastically changed because they are insanely powerful. The idea of a free unit from creeping just changes it from you having to build crappy footmen from the money you got from creeping in RoC, to getting a free unit with spells.

Tranquil Paths: This is also a map that has not changed, and if compared to 1.10 it has not changed at all. Basically it consists of fast creeping things and using the long base distance to your advantage and tech up to the best units you can get. Fast expanding on this map can be done quickly, however is very dangerous because it puts your base much closer to your opponent. With weakened static defense in TFT this can be a very dangerous move, however because the only way to get money (at least in usable amounts) is from your gold mines and not creeping. This makes the rewards even sweeter because out mining and massing your opponent is a viable strategy with hero levels no longer meaning everything. This is compounded with the fact that upkeep levels have changed from no upkeep being at 50, and low upkeep being at 80.

The Two Rivers: This is a very interesting map, I believe Blizzards new version of Plunder Isle, but I a lot of ways better. One the creeps are way better, because it is no longer about who creeps the dragons win the game, as in RoC Plunder Isle. The creeps on this map are very easy, you can easily creep 3-4 green patches within the first few minutes of the game, and then progress to creep most of the rest of the map very early on within the first 5-8 minutes of the game. There is only one creep patch that requires quite a few units to take within loss, and that is the granite / mud golem patch. Constant slows and stuns will hurt you badly and if your opponent finds you creeping this with delay town portals (TPs) you will be very hard pressed to not lose a good portion of your army. However because of such close distances it is very easy to rush your opponent, so if you plan on teching getting a tower or two in good positioning is crucial. I personally think this map is awesome, it is very versatile and allows for a great many strategies, and the luck factor is removed with only two positions. However I believe with time you will see very lame tower rush strategies thrive on this map, and even towering of the bridges and strategies that involve blocking your opponent from attacking you then just expanding at will. This will obviously aid orc greatly because they have the theoretically invincible army if supplied with enough money.

FloodPlains: This is a very interesting map, which I don’t think has been fully explored yet to really be able to judge what strategies work best and don’t work. I have been very effective with expanding at about tier 2 away from my enemy. Doing this puts a great deal of distance between your opponent’s base and their expansion, and you really don’t need a huge army to creep most of this map. Fast attacks would work but if you get stuck in a cross map situation you could be in trouble, and hence suffers from a similar flaw as Lost Temple. Basically the best strategy is probably a creep oriented strategy, then expand and just out produce your opponent. Make sure you put your expansion the largest distance possible from your opponent but having your main between your expansion and opponents main. For example if you were in the 12 o’clock base and your opponent was in the 3 o’clock base you would want to expand at 10 o’clock base. As for creeping, go for the middle as fast as you can, they are quite easily and give out a relatively high amount of xp, then progress to the outsides and ankhs as well as other ultimate aura items drop from the creep groups with troll warlords.

Twisted Meadows: My favorite of the new maps, this is an extremely fast paced map that is well designed in my opinion. It features many options, and you can quickly get to your opponents base, unlike other maps like tranquil paths. I suggest if you plan on creeping quickly going after Gnoll Wardens, especially if you are using tier 1 ranged. I do this because I prefer not to mess with high priests early on due to their tendency to take forever to kill because of inner fire and healing. This causes the chance of you getting jumped by your opponent to drastically increase and with delayed TPs this is a game ending combination. I generally go from certain middle creeps then immediately hit the warlords to attempt to get ankhs and other aura items. That is of course if I don’t immediately rush my opponent with a level 3 hero and some units which can be very devastating on this map.

Turtle Rock: This is a map I have mixed feelings about. It was created early in the beta when neutral heroes were really a focus of the TFT, and hence why the merchant shop is at the middle of the map. However now it is a map with huge creeps which you have to move around and cannot easily creep. It also has very tight corridors and pathways which can be both problematic and helpful depending on the situation in which combat starts. Either way I don’t really have much to say about this map in terms of strategy of creeping or fast attacking. I think either can work but scouting is important. This is why possibly creeping the merchant shop creeps very fast can be beneficial because they drop the wards that are like sentry wards but invulnerable. These will allow you to watch the map very effectively.

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Night elf vs. Undead
Many people understand their own races, but many do not understand their opponent’s race. Though Undead players are enjoying a great deal of success in The Frozen Throne, many of their defeated Night Elf foes cannot explain exactly why. When you know both your key to victroy and that of your Undead opponent, you are beginning to understand the "key" to winning. I will explain to you the inner workings of the Undead's success and detail the times at which the Undead are at their strongest, as well as their weakest.

Lets say that defeating Undead is like cutting a tree down. If you cut deep enough the tree falls, if you can cut deep enough of an Undead army, they will fall. Let’s call the deep part “the Core.” The Core to the Undead is their hero / heroes. I say this because at high levels, their heroes are godly. Certain questions like these come to your mind when I say these things such as: I’ve killed their units, but their heroes win it for them, isn’t that unfair? There is a certain order in destroying their heroes that we Night Elves must follow. I will be explaining the weakest and strongest points of the Undead, which I learned by watching Undead players…

Early Game: Handicapping the Undead

Let’s start with knowing your opponent’s early game weak spots. With the Undead it seems difficult to penetrate them when they put up one Tower. The perfect time to handicap an Undead is by “Creep Jacking” them (Creep Jacking is when you take a couple units of his / her while your opponent is creeping.). Now lets get to a build order we can start with. Queue four starting Wisps to the Gold Mine, with the fifth Wisp build an Altar of Elders. With the 6th Wisp build a Moon Well. Have the 7th Wisp queued to the Gold mine. Have the 8th Wisp build an Ancient of War. Build six more Wisps and have them gather Lumber. Building Moon Wells when you’re six food away from the maximum food to ignore “Construct more Moon Wells.” You want to start by getting a Keeper of the Grove with Forces of Nature, and Archers. Then creep a lot until Level 3 with Level 2 Forces of Nature and Level 1 Entangle. After that use your Wisps to scout for the Undead creeping, bring Wisps along if you see a Crypt Lord. Creep jack your opponent and use Forces of Nature as meat. Then back to your base, build a Hunter’s Hall and get Tree of Ages, keep pumping Archers until you can get Huntresses. As many people know, Undead’s heroes are basically the key to their army. If you can kill their hero without losing most of your Army, they would run, but as for creep jacking you want to take out as many Ghouls or Fiends as possible. What you’re trying to do is have your opponent waste a Teleport. On certain maps with Mercenaries, get Troll Berserkers and just go inside your opponent’s base and destroy their Ghouls getting lumber.

Although, many Night Elves like trying to over creep the Undead (Get a higher level hero than the Undead.) because an Undead hero at high level is godly. Yet, they don’t realize harassing an Undead is much more important because you can delay / stop their creeping. Sometimes what you can do is destroy Spirit Towers or Tomb of Relics using your Forces of Nature as meat versus Undead’s defenses. The most important thing about early game is to handicap the Undead. When harassing an Undead in his / her own base, they will use their Ghouls getting wood to defend, this is when you definitely want to destroy those Ghouls and make him wood deprived.

Mid Game: Battling the Undead

What us Night Elves want to do this part of the game is try to have an upper hand from handicapping the Undead. We want to start by killing the key to the Undead’s army: their hero / heroes. It’s not easy to do this, but it’s another story when they don’t have armor because of Faire Fire. Basically, you want to start by getting a Priestess of the Moon with Trueshot Aura. Then get Dryads with Abolish Magic and Druid of the Talon (Faire Dragons are helpful versus Curse / Raise Dead.). What’s very important is to manually Faire Fire Obsidian Statues and their hero / heroes first, instead of auto-casting it. If you want to add more meat shields, rather than just Huntresses, add a Mountain Giant. Keep pumping Huntress, Archers, Dryads, Druid of the Talon, and Faire Dragons until you hit tier 3. Try to battle the Undead over and over until you can’t hurt them no more. Sometimes you just might destroy an Undead so much you can beat them after one or two battles. If you believe that you have hurt the Undead enough to kill them, get one or two Glaive Throwers (Better known as Ballistae.) to help in the battle in their base. Something to keep in mind is that the Undead’s natural defense at this point does 11 - 12 damage, but slows your units / hero so try not to have him / her surround your hero while its slowed.

Certain units that most top Undead players go are Meat Wagons and Obsidian Statues at this point of the game. As many of you can’t believe, Faire Fire works on every kind of unit, so using it on a Meat Wagon and Focus Firing it with your melee units is very helpful. I have learned from experience, that siege units do too much damage in the long run if you don’t kill them first. Not many Night Elves use Wisps effectively. These units may be the key to winning. Detonating versus casters, summoned units, and any unit or hero with mana, just may win you any battle. Bring two or three Wisps along when you believe that they will be most helpful at this battle. As I said before, creep jacking is very helpful when handicapping Undead. Now let us get to late game where their heroes are basically “godly.”

Late Game: Godly Undead Heroes

As many players know, Undead heroes are basically invulnerable at high levels. As the late game goes, most Undead can simply use spells to “hero snipe” any Night Elf heroes. Although, many of the Undead players complain about Demon Hunter using Metamorphosis, it’s not nearly as strong as an Undead tri-hero combo with all hero sniping abilities. Everyone has difficulty killing high-level Undead heroes, but there is an order that you can destroy these “gods.” Let’s start with using MG as an important factor to stop them from targeting your heroes by using Taunt wisely. We want to start by getting Cyclone, Chimaeras, Mountain Giants, Dryads, and two or three Faire Dragons. What you want to do is Entangle the Death Knight, which most Undead get as a 2nd hero. Cyclone any other hero / heroes they might have (If they have Destroyers, focus them with Dryads and Priestess of the Moon before Cycloning). You definitely want to destroy a Dread Lord or Crypt Lord next because they are big threats with their Area of Effect spells. Taunt every time that spell is available. Certain units will want to be destroyed first starting with tier 3 melee units. Here is the order that you want to destroy from heroes to units in a late game battle.

First to focus fire - Last to focus fire:

Death Knight
Dread Lord
Crypt Lord
Frost Wyrm
Meat Wagons
Summoned Units (Use Wisps versus any summoned unit besides Infernal. Use piercing attackers versus Infernal)

Hopefully at this part of the game you have a level 5 Keeper of the Grove with Nature’s Blessing upgraded. The Keeper of the Grove with level 3 Forces of Nature is basically a twelve-man army. When you attack any part of an Undead’s base you want to leave meat shields at the choke / hill of his / her base, if the Undead has used a Teleport or does not have one. Also, I know you can’t get 4 heroes in the game, but that’s the order you want to kill them when they have three.

Facts: Any Part of the Game

We want to scout always for expansions and to know which direction your opponent is headed to unit wise. Manually Faire Fire before auto-casting that spell. Entangle heroes or tier 3 melee units first before entangling anything else. Mana Flare must be on during battles. A Dark Ranger or Panda Brewmaster as a third hero is very helpful for usage of Silence or Drunken Haze. Researching Resistant Skin on Mountain Giants is very helpful versus the Undead race. If you can, get a Troll Priest if your opponent gets any hero with a spell that can be dispelled. You can harass an Undead by killing his Acolytes while he is upgrading tier 2, which I like to do sometimes. It’s important when you get a Priestess of the Moon to upgrade Archers to level 2 attack, they do good damage with this. Teleporting when you can win a battle is still important. You always want to have an advantage by battling inside your base rather than theirs. When creep jacking an Undead try to entangle the most expensive units and kill those before destroying the “weaker” units. Entangling units with high HP is an important factor in any situation. If your opponent creep jacks you, just run as fast as you can. Teleport when they focus fire your hero and you can’t get out of it.

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