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Apologies if this list has already been posted. Unconfirmed list.

NOTE: All vampires are GROUP 4 uhless otherwse indicated.]

"Keep it Simple"
Reaction, 1 blood.
Reduce a bleed against you by 1 for each point of stealth the action minion has when this card is played.

"Dogs of War"
Vote, !Brujah.
If this referendum passes, put this card in play. Any !Bru may enter combat with a ready minion as a (D) action. You may burn this card to cancel a blood hunt called on a !Bru. Any vampire may call a vote to burn this card etc.

Vote. Requires a Cardinal, Regent or Inquisitor.
Choose a vampire with capacity less than 8. Successful referendum means that vampire's controller burns X pool or burns that vampire, where X is the difference between 8 and that vamp's capacity.

"Perpetual Care"
Vote (no requirement)
Successful referendum means each Meth burns 2 pool for each vampire in torpor he or she controls.

"Fabrizia Contreraz"
!Malk, 4-cap. dem pot. Sabbat Archbishop of Miami.
If your prey controls no ready Camarilla vampires, Fabrizia gets two fewer votes in each referendum.

Event. Government.
Any minion who successfully performs an equip action untaps at the end of the turn.

Master. Out of turn. Trifle.
Do not replace until your next untap phase. Cancel a master card played by your predator or prey as it is paid (no cost is paid).
That Meth gains a master phase action (if the canceled card is an OOT master, it doesn't count against that Meth's next master phase.)

"Glancing Blow"
Do not replace until your next untap phase.
Prevent 1 damage from the opposing minion's strike.

Tzi, 11-cap. ANI AUS CHI VIC obf tha. Sabbat Regent.
Vampires with capacity less than 4 cannot block Sha-Ennu. +2 bleed.

!Tre, 10 cap. AUS DOM THA VIC pre. Sabbat priscus.
Malgorzata may remove a vampire in your uncontrolled region from the game to add 4 blood from the blood bank to another vampire in your uncontrolled region as a +1 stealth action

!Tre, 4 cap. dom tha cel. Sabbat Black Hand.

"On the Que Vive"
Reaction. Only usable by a tapped minion.
This reaction minion can play reaction cards and attempt to block as though untapped until the current action is concluded. If this minion is an ally, he or she does not untap is normal during his or her next untap phase. A minion may only play one OTQV between his or her untap phases.

"Mirror Walk"
Action modifier. Do not replace until your discard phase.
[tha] plus 1 stealth.
[THA]: as [tha] above, and if this action is blocked, the action ends (with no combat).
[DRAFT]: [obf] as [tha] above.

Equipment, 3 pool. Vehicle.
When a minion equips with the Helicopter, tap it.
After resolving a successful action, this minion may tap the Helicopter to untap. A minion can only have one vehicle.

"Frontal Assault"
Put this card in play. Each ready minion you control may enter combat with any minion controlled by your prey as a (D) action. You gain 1 pool each time a ready minion controlled by your prey is burned or sent to
During your influence phase, burn this card and burn 1 pool for each ready minion controlled by your prey.

"Cracking the Wall"
Do not replace until your discard phase. Play Rock-Paper-Scissors with any other Methuselah. If you tie, you each discard a card at random. Otherwise, the loser discards his or her hand and draws a new hand.

Only usable if your prey controls the Edge or the Edge is uncontrolled. Your prey may take the Edge if it is uncontrolled. You gain 2 pool. Only one Instability may be played each turn.

"Orlando Oriundus"
!Tre, 9 cap. AUS DOM THA obf. Bishop.
During a referendum, if Orlando is ready, your vampire's votes are doubled when votes are tallied, and other multipliers may not be played on your vampires. +1 bleed

"Nickolai, the Survivor"
!Tre, 6 cap. aus, dom, pot, pre, tha, vic.
Nickolai may gain 1 level of any discipline another of your ready vampires has at superior as a +1 stealth action.

"Dr. Julius Sutphen"
Las, 5 cap. dom, obt, POT. Advanced, Sabbat.
During a D action, Julius may burn 1 blood to get +1 stealth. (Merge): Archbishop of Atlanta: Julius gets +1 strength in combat with a Camarilla vampire.

"Keith Moody"
!tre, 3 cap. DOM. Sabbat.
During your untap phase, if your prey ahs the Edge, he or she may burn it to cause Keith to burn 1 blood.

"Melinda Galbraith"
Las, 10 cap. obt AUS CEL DOM POT PRE. Sabbat Cardinal.

"Melinda Galbraith"
!Tor, 10 cap. obt AUS CEL DOM POT PRE. Advanced. Sabbat bishop.
During your untap phase, Melinda can tap a Sabbat vampire with capacity less than 7.
(Merge): Sabbat regent. +2 bleed.

!malk, 5 cap. dem, vic, OBF. Sabbat.
Luc gets +1 stealth on diablerie actions. He may give you +3 hand size until your next untap phase as a +1
stealth action.

"Rico Loco"
!ven, 2 cap. FOR. Sabbat. Black Hand.
If Rico is ready during your master phase, move a Bomb from your hand or ash heap to him (no cost) or he takes 1 damage. During your untap phase if Rico is ready and has a Bomb, burn the Bomb and another ready minion you control takes 2 damage.

"Neighbor John"
!Ventrue, 5 cap. dom for AUS. Sabbat.
+1 intercept.

Pander, 1 cap. tha. Sabbat.
When Schuyler is blocked, your prey may move a library card from his or her ash heap to the top of his or her library.

"Caroline Bishops"
Pander, 3-cap. pot cel for. Sabbat.
Caroline cannot block non-Camarilla vampires.

"Servius Marius Pustula"
!Nos, 10 cap. obf ANI CHI DOM OBT POT. Sabbat.
Each Meth gets +X hand size, where X is the number of ready vampires with cap above 7 he or she controls.

"Radu Bistri"
Tzi, 8-cap. ani pre vic AUS DOM. Sabbat Cardinal.
During your untap phase, Radu gains 1 blood if the Purchase Pact is in play.

+1 stealth action. Requires a sabbat vampire.
Put this card on this acting Sabbat vampire and untap him or her. This Sabbat vampire gets +1 intercept against (D) actions directed at his or her controller. A vampire may have only one Abbot.

"Jacques Molay"
!Bru, 9-cap. obf val CEL POT PRE. Sabbat.
Jacques may enter combat with an ally or younger vampire as a (D) action.
+1 strength.

"Armin Brenner"
!Bru, 10-cap. ani obf CEL FOR POT PRE. Sabbat Archbishop of Washington DC.
When a referendum Armin calls passes, you gain 1 pool.

"Bela Kardoza"
!Bru, 10-cap. ani dom CEL POT PRE VIC. Sabbat.
During a referendum, Bela may burn X blood to get X additional votes.

!Bru, 9-cap. for CEL POT PRE QUI. Sabbat Priscus.
Damage from Hektor's hand strikes is aggravated. Baali get +1 bleed when bleeding you.

!Bru, 5-cap. pot pre qui CEL. Sabbat.

"Harold Zettler, Pentex Director"
!Malk, 9-cap. vic AUS DEM OBF POT. Sabbat.
Giovanni get +1 bleed when bleeding you. +1 stealth.

!Nos, 3-cap. ANI. Sabbat.

"Heart of Nizchetus"
Unique Equipment. 1 pool.
During your untap phase, if the bearer is ready, you may draw up to three cards from your library and then move the same number of cards from your hand to the bottom of your library.

!Tre, 5-cap. aus for pot DOM. Sabbat.

!Tre, 5cap. dom tha AUS. Sabbat Bishop.
Rescuing a vampire from torpor costs Frondator 1 less blood.

Action. Requires a Sabbat vampire.
(D) Enter combat with a ready minion controlled by another Meth. In that combat, your hand size is increased by 1. If this acting vampire is not ready at the end of the action, burn 1 pool.

"Minor Irritation"
Only usable when this vampire successfully blocks an ally or younger vampire (play before combat, if any). This vampire doesn't tap for successfully blocking.

1 pool. !Tre Ally with 3 life, 1 str, 0 bleed.
Hexaped may give a link counter to any Meth as a +1 stealth (D) action. Remove Hexaped from the game if that action succeeds. The !Tre who recruited the Hexaped gets +1 bleed and +1 stealth when bleeding the
Methuselah with that link counter.

"Grooming the Protege"
Move up to 3 blood from a ready vampire you control to a younger vampire of the same clan in your uncontrolled region.

"Yawp Court"
Master: unique location. Requires a ready Sabbat vampire.
Tap when a political action is successful, before the referendum, to have a ready untapped Sabbat vampire you control tap and enter combat with the acting vampire. If the acting vampire is still ready at the end of
combat, the Sabbat vampire takes 2 damage and the referendum is conducted as normal.

"Martinelli's Ring"
Unique equipment.
Cards that require Malk, !Malk, Dem or Ser cannot be placed on this minion. Burn any cards on the minion that require any of those clans or disciplines.

"Gurchon Hall"
3 pool. Master: unique Location. Requires a ready cardinal. Hunting ground.
During your untap phase, you may move 1 blood from the blood bank to each of the two ready oldest vampires you control. A vamp can only gain 1/hunting ground per turn.

"Ermenegildo, The Rake"
Las, 5-cap. pot DOM OBT. Sabbat Black Hand.

"Lord Vauxhall"
Las, 7-cap. DOM OBT POT THA. Sabbat.

"Ysador the Foul"
!Nos, 10-cap. obt ANI DEM FOR OBF POT. Sabbat Cardinal.
Non-infernal, non-demon minions opposing Ysador in combat cannot use maneuvers to maneuver to close range.

"Isouda de Blaise"
!Tor, 7-cap. aus CEL OBF PRE. Sabbat.
You may burn the edge during your discard phase to untap Isouda.

"Mugur Sabau"
!Gan, 9-cap. vic CEL NEC OBF PRO. Sabbat Archbishop of Pittsburgh.
Each time Mugur commits diablerie, he gets an additional +1 bleed

!Bru, g4. 3-cap. pot pre. Sabbat.
Tarzit Do'Argot
Новая карта из третьего сета. Просто жесть.
IPB Image
а в чем жесть собственно?
Tarzit Do'Argot
QUOTE(IC-Oddish @ 17 August 2006, 13:22 ) *

а в чем жесть собственно?

Jaroslav Pascek достаёт Meat Cleaver (или бастард) за бесплатно и потом ударяет им на 5!!!.
Это конечно не брокен, но очень приятственная карточка. wink.gif
а толку ярослав по моему и так очень неплох.
так он конечно будет лучше но намного ли?
Tarzit Do'Argot
QUOTE(IC-Oddish @ 17 August 2006, 15:35 ) *

а толку ярослав по моему и так очень неплох.
так он конечно будет лучше но намного ли?

Можно не только ярославу ...
Вообщем карточка более чем неплохая wink.gif Особенно на драфте wink.gif
Tarzit Do'Argot
IPB Image
Tarzit Do'Argot
QUOTE(IC-Oddish @ 18 August 2006, 09:53 ) *


ага ... wink.gif Только как она будет играть ???
а зачем ей?
и какие есть проблемы с тем чтобы ей играть?
Tarzit Do'Argot
QUOTE(IC-Oddish @ 18 August 2006, 11:27 ) *

а зачем ей?
и какие есть проблемы с тем чтобы ей играть?

Просто интресно что с ней будут мутить, на ньюс группе народ вызказал несколько идей. wink.gif
Я не думаю, что кто-то будет играть Forger's Hammer - разве что анти-Салюбри с Vast Wealth. Ярослав обычно развлекается либо тросточкой (Weighted Walking Stick), либо Crimson Sentinel'ем. А теперь ему еще один хороший ножик дали:

Blade of Enoch
1 pool
Unique melee weapon.
Strength +1 damage each strike, only usable by a vampire with capacity above 5. Damage inflicted by this weapon a Brujah or Brujah antitribu is aggravated. This vampire with capacity above 5 is immune to the
effects of Frenzy cards.

Особенно ценно, конечно, иметь иммунитет против Ротшрека - они уже достали smile.gif Но и бонус против Бруджей тоже очень хорош - с таким ножиком Ярослав вполне может рассчитывать на Трофеи (4 aggravated одним ударом!)

А насчет Аксиньи все понятно и так - это будут политические анти-Гангрелы, с Уной и огромным количеством Fortitude и Wash'ей smile.gif Проталкиваешь на нее Cardinal Benediction - и вперед! Мелидиадус должен прыгать от радости - он давно хотел собрать политических анти-Гангрелов smile.gif
Tarzit Do'Argot
IPB Image

Можно обратить внимание на поменявшийся дизайн политических карт.
Who is this guy - Inquisitor?
Tarzit Do'Argot
IPB Image
Tarzit Do'Argot
IPB Image
Tarzit Do'Argot
IPB Image
Упал. тихо-тихо хихикаю... >)
Tarzit Do'Argot
IPB Image

Inconnu ???? Что это ???

P.S. Можно archon investigation вытянуть ... wink.gif Или что нибдуь другое полезное ... wink.gif
Цитата(Tarzit Do'Argot @ 24 August 2006, 16:36 ) *

Inconnu ???? Что это ???

это полом.
Вообще-то, Инконню - это вампирская организация, которая в соответствии с историей Маскарада является силой, альтернативной Камариллье и Саббату (причем, силой более мощной, нежели последние). Возможно ВайтВулф начал потихоньку вводить сие и в ВТЕС.
Tarzit Do'Argot
IPB Image

Вот такие вот Икарусы скоро появяться на дорогах нашего города ... wink.gif
Tarzit Do'Argot
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