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Полная версия: MtG in Minsk, where to go?
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Hi Belarus,
firstable sorry I can't read nor write in Russian, that's why it's really difficult for me to navigate through this board. I hope that I'm posting in the right section biggrin.gif

I am a German MtG player an will be in Minsk for the holidays (17.7.-3.8.) smile.gif

Seeing that Russian 9th edition will come out on 29th of Juli I thought of buying some of these in Minsk. Also I would be interested in trading cards. But I have no clue where to go?!

After a (for me) hard search I found an adress of a shop called »white dragon«.
Can anybody tell where to go to meet the local Magic players? rolleyes.gif

Thanks in advance!
Бедняжка, будет жестоко разочарован.

White dragon is dead for now and Belorusian MTG community are in the wide online space. So i think we will not see 9th edition in fact, welcome to hell dear =)
But it's your holidays man try to find something else then cards, it's not difficult beliave me biggrin.gif
Hi DimbA!

Thanx for the fast answer smile.gif

Too bad sad.gif I thought I could find some goodies in Belarus, things which are hard to find here in Germany, just like Russian 9th (I'm searching a foil set wink.gif ).

Is there really no shop selling MtG in Belarus?? Where are people taking their cards to play? There will be the National Championships in Minsk on 18.09.05! With out any local official?!

And don't worry, I'll find something else than cards during my holidyas laugh.gif

Patrick, As I khnow russian 9th edition will be avaliable only in late september. You misunderstand something. In August you could find here (if it will be delivered here at all) only English 9th Edition.
There are few places were you could find boosters, but not singles.
Hi Khokhlov,

ohmy.gif oops, I thought they will be released the same day... too bad blink.gif

But thanks for the information!

hi Patrick. do you play mtgo?
Цитата (Телипыч @ Вчера в 19:23 )
hi Patrick. do you play mtgo?

Sorry Телипыч, I don't :-(
Only with real cards and only until Tempest block tongue.gif
Sorry Телипыч, I don't :-(
Only with real cards and only until Tempest block 

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