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Полная версия: Pizza Shift Political action Prince/Justicar
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Select a Methuselah who has more pizza than you. Divide up to # slices among the Methuselahs as you see fit. # is the number of Methuselahs currently in the game. Successful vote means the pizza is apportioned as you announced.
И пожалуй любимый вампир.
Clan: Malkavian
Capacity: 4
When Strange-O comes into play, choose X cards you control and build a house of cards. Strange-O must be chosen, and must not touch the table in the resulting house. If, at any time, the house falls down, all fallen cards except Strange-O are burned and a new house must be built. If insufficient cards remain, Strange-O's controller is removed from the game, and control of Strange-O passes to any other player which controls a Malkavian.
Pizza Shift, увы, в наших широтах не найдет ни одной легальной цели sad.gif
И вообще, Madness of the Bard прикольнее (IMHO). Даешь турнир с перманентным Madness'ом на каждом столе с самого начала игры!
Boxed Inn (formerly known as Boxed In)
Master - Malkavian
Unique location.
Only useable when a Malkavian you control is in combat with another minion.
Tap this location before range is determined to trap the opposing minion in
an invisible box. The minion’s controller must "mime" the remainder of
Ugly Bruises
combat, potence

Only usable at the end of a round of combat in which this vampire successfully inflicted damage on the opposing minion.

pot: put this card on the oppsing minion and put 2 bruise counters on it. Remove one bruise counter during the minion's untap phase. Burn this card when the last counter is removed.
The minion with this card cannot play cards that require surerior Presence.

POT: as above, but put 3 bruise conters on this card. The minion with this card cannot play cards that require Presence.
Ок, давайте что-нить подобрее придумаю:

Wild Hampster
Action, Animalism

ani: put this card on a powerbase. During untap phase, remove one counter from the powerbase that has this card on it (if there are any counters).
Any minion with superior Animalism can take an action to move the Wild Hampser to another powerbase.
{Burn this card if another copy of it enters play.}
{Any Metuthelah can spend a master phase action and burn a Cat's Guidance to burn the Hampster.}

ANI: As above, and the action to bring this card into play is at +2 Stealth.
... А теперь о вреде (или пользе) пьянства:

Tequila Bottle

During the first round of combat involving the minion with this equipment, before range is determined, the minion may burn this card to tap both combatants and end combat. Both combatants don't untap as normal on their next untap phases.
Malkavian Arithmetics
Master, Malkavian

Each Metuthelah holds in her hand X counters, where X is the number of Metuthelahs in the game.
All Metuthelahs open their hands, the one who has more counters than others gains 3 pool.
In case of a tie, repeat again.

Favour text: {
- Итак, 2 голоса за и ещё 1, всего выходит?
- Вроде бы 4. Или 5. А сколько надо?
Malkavian Justicar referndum.
Не смешно. Малки душевнобольные, а не слабоумные. Большая разница angry.gif
Теперь моя очередь:

Lily the Hideous
Nosferatu (6)
AUS ani obf pot
Camarilla primogen. When Lily blocks a Toreador, the Toreador must burn 2 blood or go to torpor.
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