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In the name of my club I’d like to invite you all for a Warhammer Tournament called “Battle for Bialystok” which will be held on 31 of March and 1 April in our home city: Bialystok, Poland!

We’d like you to come and visit us for a great weekend. If you are interested in participating in the tournament I think the best way would be for you to get tourist visas and (if you'd like) to avoid unnecessary costs we could host you at our flats or at the tournament place for free, show you around our beautiful city, party a lot and generally take good care of you all. So, how about it?

Here is a quick draft of the tournament rules, which may change a little bit, but the most important part is that we play using most recent ETC rules. Also this is a master class tournament in polish league, so every army needs to be painted with at least 3 colours and you can expect 60+ players. No bonus points for good quality painting, but we will reward owners of three best painted armies with good prizes – so bring your best painted miniatures! This tournament will be the one of the last tournaments from which our ETC team will emerge, so you will have a chance to meet and play against our best ETC players, exchange opinions, tactics and show them how people from The Legacy and Eastern Front can drink cool.gif
Here are some sample photos from our tournaments:

So, who's interested?