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I have a large amount of sealed product to sell for the holidays. I am offering them first to all my past and present eBay customers before I put them in my Ebay store. These discounted prices will only be available until Dec 24th, 2011. I will be more than happy to combine these orders with any eBay store purchases (www.rickvtescards.com). Below are the prices for what is available outside of eBay:

Jyhad Booster Packs $1.75/pack
VTES Booster Packs $2.50/pack
Dark Sovereigns Booster Packs $2.75/pack
Ancient Hearts Booster Packs $5.50/pack
Sabbat War Booster Packs $9.00/pack
3rd Edtion Booster Packs $3.00/pack
Sword of Caine Booster Packs $3.00/pack

Jyhad Booster Box $75.00/box
VTES Booster Box $150.00/box
Dark Sovereigns Booster Box $90.00/box
Ancient Hearts Booster Box $185.00/box
Sabbat Edition Booster Box $300.00/box
Bloodlines Booster Box $325.00/box
Gehenna Booster Boxes $75.00/box

Lords of the Night Booster Box $80.00/box
3rd Edition Booster Box $75.00/box
Sword of Caine Booster Box $70.00/box
Ebony Kingdom Booster Box $70.00/box

Starter/Precon Decks:

Jyhad Deck $6.50/deck
VTES Deck $8.00/deck
SW Ventrue antitribu Deck $20.00/deck

BH Malkavian antitribu $13.00/deck

BH Nosferatu antitribu $11.00/deck

BH Toreador antitribu $12.00/deck

BH Tremere antitribu $14.00/deck

KMW Alastors $13.00/deck

KMW Anathema $13.00/deck
KMW Baali $18.00/deck

KMW Gangrel antitribu $16.00/deck
3rd Ed Brujah antitribu $11.00/deck

3rd Ed Malkavian antitribu $11.00/deck

3rd Ed Tremere antitribu $14.00/deck

3rd Ed Tzimisce $18.00/deck

LotN Assamite $10.00/deck
LoB Guruhi $11.00/deck

LoB Ishtarri $11.00/deck

LoB Osebo Deck $11.00/deck
KoT Brujah Deck $12.00/deck
KoT Malkavian Deck $12.00/deck
KoT Toreador Deck $12.00/deck

Shipping with the USPS Flat Rate Padded Priority Mail Envelopes are $6.00 and the flat rate boxes are $12.00 for domestic (USA) customers. For international customers USPS Flat Rate Padded Priority Mail International Envelopes are $15.00. The flat rate envelopes can hold about 40 booster packs or 8 starter deck or 1 booster box.

Just send me an email with your order and I can send you a Paypal invoice. I will fill the orders in the order in which they are received.

I still have some 1,000 card lots of common and uncommon cards from the overstock of the cards in my eBay store. These are a mix from nearly every set in the game including the following card types: equipment, action modifiers, reactions, retainers, allies and political actions (including justicars and praxis seizure cards). These are excellent for playgroups. I am offering them to you first for $25 for one set, $40 for two sets or $50 for three sets.

Shipping should be fairly reasonable with USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelop[es for $6.00 (for one set) and USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes at $12.00 (for two or more sets) for domestic (USA) customers.

For international customers USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail International Padded Envelopes for $15.00 (per set).

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