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Полная версия: Battle For Bialystok, Wfb Tournament, 2-3 April 2011
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Hello my dear friends smile.gif

In the name of my club I’d like to invite you all for a Warhammer Tournament called “Battle for Bialystok” which will be held on 2-3 of April in our home city: Bialystok, Poland!

We’d like you to come and visit us for a great weekend. If you are interested in participating in the tournament we can send you necessary invitations for your visas, host you at out homes during your stay, show you around our beautiful city, party a lot and generally take good care of you all smile.gif So, how about it?

Here is a quick draft of the tournament rules, which may change a little bit, but the most important part is that we play using most recent ETC rules, so 2400 point armies with ETC restrictions and rules. Also this is a master class tournament in polish league, so every army needs to be painted with at least 3 colours and you can expect 60+ players. No bonus points for good quality painting, but we will reward owners of three best painted armies with good prizes – so bring your best painted miniatures! This tournament will be the last tournament from which our ETC team will emerge, so you will have a chance to meet and play against our best ETC players, exchange opinions, tactics and generally have a nice time. Also we expect a visit from russian ETC team smile.gif

Here are some sample photos from our tournaments:

And a short movie from our Warhammer friends from Tallinn made especially for you:

and remember

if you have any further questions then please write me at my e-mail adress which is:
karlee (at) tlen.pl
We're interested. Is it possible to make an invitation on your part to obtain visas to Poland for our players?
Wow! The poster is supergood! )))
Really, the best way to announce a tournament I've ever seen. ))))))
Good to hear that smile.gif Last year we had a player from Minsk, Vitali and he played nurgle daemons btw. smile.gif

No problem, we can send you necessary invitations. I checked in polish office for foreigners. and it looks like this:
- you have to see in polish embassy in Minsk if you need an invitation from us in order to get schengen visa. If you don't need it, then I won't bother it (as far as I know belarussian citizents have a little bit easier to get our visa). If you do, then we need:

1. Surname
2. Previous Surnames
3. Name
4. Sex
5. Date of birth
6. Place of birth
7. Country of birth
8. Nationality
9. Series and number of the travel document (passport i suppose)
10. Adress of the place of your residence: Town, street, house number, postal code,
11. Adress of your accomodation (if other than your residence)

and of course duration of your stay. When you send me those data it would take about three weeks for our office to prepare needed documents and then I would need to sent them to you, so please hurry a bit...

Any payments for participation?

Won't there be any troubles with finding a place of living for these two days?

Will a fully hand-made army be accepted? wink.gif
During the tournament everyone can sleep on the floor in a small sleeping room (so bring a matress and a sleeping bag) next to the tournament. The tournament will be held in Sports Hall of Techninal Univeristy of Bialystok (I will post detailed info about a month before the tournament). During those two days we will fight 5 battles, tournament starts on saturday morning (about 9am) and ends on sunday afternoon (about 4pm). If you would like to come earlier then we will find a place to sleep for you at our homes or if you prefer then we can help you find some hostels/hotels smile.gif

Tournament will cost either 35pln or will be for free (we are currently working on a dotation from our city).

If in doubt about an army, then please post photos of it smile.gif
Thanks for the detailed response, try to determine the composition of the participants in the coming days and send the data.
Цитата(bubon @ Среда, 26th Январь 2011, 15:30 ) *

Thanks for the detailed response, try to determine the composition of the participants in the coming days and send the data.

What do you mean by that? I don't understand... sad.gif
2 SidED DiE
he said that in a couple of days he will send you all information about our participation in your tournament
I saw nurgle daemons army - and it is more than fine biggrin.gif

But our spies have just delivered terrible news! Hitler is going to warhammer tournament in Bialystok! Just check it out:

LOL, It's the best advertisement of WH tournament I've ever seen!
Thank you. I hope that the tournament will also be the best you've ever seen biggrin.gif
I ROLF'ed ))))) Bravo!
So guys, it seems that apart from you we will have visitors from Ukraine and Russia and maybe also Latvia. So how about those visas - any news yet?
I'm afraid, I won't be able to visit the event. sad.gif Sorry.
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