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In the name of club Eastern Front, I'd like to invite you all to a Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tournament which will be held 5-6.06.2010r. in Bialystok.


This is the third edition of excellent two-day tournament held in Bialystok. We will greet everyone with open hands. Every player can count on a friendly Polish host for the weekend and free accomodation (also an invitation if you need a Schengen Visa).

DATE: 5-6.06.2010
PLACE: Bialystok's Univerity of Technology
FORMAT: 2300 points, we play using Polish Balanging Patch (you can find it's rules here: http://strony.aster.pl/barbaros/bp_1x6.pdf ), also the tournament will be played using semi-secret roosters (like in ETC).
PAINTING&PROXY: you are allowed to use proxy as well as have unpainted miniatures. But during the tournament we will evaluate the quality of painting of each army, and if you use proxys or unpainted miniatures you will have less overall points (you can gain 100points from 5 battles, and 14 points for paining).
ENTRY FEE: 15pln

Please send registrations to e-mail adress [email protected] untill 01.06.2010 time 23:59. Please include both roosters (open and semi-secret).

Places 1-3: Cups, diplommas, miniatures
Places 4-10: diplommas, miniatures
Last place: special prize ;-)

9:00-10:00 - registrations
10:00-12:45 - I battle "Disco Relax"
12:45-13:00 - break
13:00-15:45 - II battle. Pitched Battle
15:45-16:00 - break
16:00-18:45 - III battle "It is good to sit down with a Zubr"

9:00-11:45 - IV battle "Hangover"
11:45-12:00 - break
12:00-14:45 - V battle. Pitched battle.
about 15:00 - awards ceremony


1. Disco-Relax!
Bialystok is famous to be a capital of polish dance music called “Disco Polo”. Those happy simple melodies will encourage your army to the battle.
A unit (with a musician!) chooses the song before the battle. Effects apply to whole unit and heroes along with it. If the hero leaves the unit he looses the effects (he leaves the party). You choose the song before making the roll to determine, which player starts. Both players write down the song and show it to each other at the same time. The effects of the songs are:

a) Jesteś szalona - the units gets both special rules at the same time: Frenzy and Stupidity
smiley Czarne oczy - every double roll (two or more same digits) invokes Insane Courage
c)Co Ty mi dasz - take one point of one of the followings stats: WS, BS, I, Ld from enemy rank&file unit, and add it to one of your r&f units accordingly.
d)Niech żyje wolność - the unit may always march, even if in the range of 8 inches is an enemy unit, there is no general in 12' or Vampire in 8' (VC), or it cannot march at all (Tomb Kings)
e)Będziemy robić to na sposobów różnych sto - unit gains mark of slaanesh from WoCh book.
f)Zostajemy do końca - +150 VP, if at the end of the battle unit survives and doesn't flee during the battle even once.
g)Spadająca gwiazda - champion of the unit, which contains the musician gains a Bound Spell with the Comet of Cassandora spell, of Lore of Heavens. Although, it is not equally powerful - it inflicts only sD6 hits with S3. Power Level 4, after each use roll a dice. On 1-2, the bound spell may not be used anymore.

III. It is good to sit by a Zubr
At the center of the table lays a bottle cap. In every turn, it is moving 3D6' in the direction shown by the scatter dice. Within 6' from it, every model gains a ward save of 6+. If the model had a ward save before, it is improved by one - 6+ -> 5+, 5+ -> 4+, and so on. The maximum ward save is 3+.

IV. Hangover
After the last night, because of too much sitting with a Zubr (famous polish beer ;p) your army (as well as the general!) wakes up with a huge hangover.

Your opponet chooses D3 of your units which will have -1Ws&I, also when they pursuit they roll additional D6 and choose the lowest score.


Diffrence: Score:
0-199 - 10:10
200-399 – 11:9
400-599 – 12:8
600-799 – 13:7
800-999 – 14:6
1000-1199 – 15:5
1200-1399 – 16:4
1400-1599 – 17:3
1600-1799 – 18:2
1800-1999 – 19:1
2000+ - 20:0 Massacras!

Painting scores:

0 - hideous
1 - properly based with 3/4 colours
2 - table top
4 - nice army

0 - a bunch of models from few different armies, no coherency
1 - rather coherent, but there are some models which look differently that the rest of the army
3 - coherent army, one style of painting, all movement trays are the same, units make one army

Bases and movement trays
1 - all units have movement trays
2 - trays are modelled
+1 - all models have modelled bases

0 - large absences of WYSIWYG on units
1 - WYSYWIG on most of units (some minor absences on heroes)
2 - full WYSYWIG

Game preparations:
2 p for sending rooster on time
2 p for two printed out roosters which player will have during the tournament
2 p for having full army rules, rule book, tape measure, dices. If you don't have one of those elements then you have 1point. If you don't have two of those then you get only 0points.

- 1 point for every unit consisting proxy models. You can get minimum of 0 points.

During the tournament we will sleep on the tournament place on the floor (so bring sleepbags!), but if you don't like to sleep in such conditions, then here is a list of hotels to choose from :

http://www.katalog.bstok.pl/?firma=411 - cheapest
http://www.katalog.bstok.pl/?firma=408 – closest to the tournament
http://www.katalog.bstok.pl/?firma=7269 – for very demanding people

Besides the tournament there will be other attractions:
- LOTR tournament,
- guitar hero, dance dance revolution, ultrastar czyli karaoke, soul calibur III, split/second: Velocity,
- anime films,
... and much more

- after the tournament as usually we invite you for a beer (or five ;p) and some sightseeing
More details on the site of the event: http://www.egu.org.pl

- if you have any questions then please ask them here: http://forum.wfb-pol.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=23346&start=0 . Or write me an e-mail at [email protected]

Hope to see you soon in Bialystok!
Аааааафигеть! Скоро нас начнут приглашать люди из туманного альбиона!
Так понимаю что из-за шенгена никто не поедет?
На самом деле довольно таки заманчиво. Но в этихже числах командный кубок по 40к в Москве и по совокупности причин действительно маловероятно что ктото выберется.
А сколько сейчас виза стоит, никто не в курсах?
60 евро. Чтото слышал о внутреннепольской визе, но это надо уточнять.
Karlee, thanks for invitation!
We will keep in mind this. Unfortunately many active players have already registered on Russian 40k cup on these (5.06 -6.06) days, but, i think some of our FB players are still free to visit Bialystok in June smile.gif
No problem. I would invite you earlier, but I had some problems finding your forum (last year we had guests from Lithuania and Estonia). Next big two-day tournament in Bialystok will be 26-27 march 2011 so there won't be any more opportunity soon ;p

Btw. say hi to warhammer players in Moscow from me (we've been there last month:) ).
Our forum is always hidden as good as possible biggrin.gif Thanks to our admins smile.gif

say hi to warhammer players in Moscow from me

We have already read about your victory in Moscow, so of course wink.gif

And one more question - are there any 40k champs in Bialystok this year?
Nope. Unfortunately 40k is rather not too common. Of course we have 40k tournaments, but with about 6-12 people on them compared to 10-80 people on WFB tournaments.
10-80 people on WFB tournaments.

OMG ohmy.gif
really big tournament. (as for me)


What about other wargames? May be Hordes?
Nope. In Bialystok we only play LOTR, W40k and WFB. Hordes and other systems are of course present, but rarely anyone plays them.

Here we have two kind of tournaments: local and master class. On local WFB tournaments you can expect only local players.. about 16-30 of them. Master class tournaments however are more demanding. They must last for two days, all armies must be painted, and they are about 3 times more worth to our polish league, so some of the best polish WFB players arrive and those tournaments have about 60 to 300+ people. There are only 10 of those during a year in Poland, and one of them (and the best ;p) will be in Bialystok in march 2011, so be prepared smile.gif

And how about tournaments in BY ? Particularly in Minsk ?
And how about tournaments in BY ? Particularly in Minsk ?

We have it, but not often.
Когда у нас следующий турнир планируется? rolleyes.gif
And how many players usually attend to Minsk tournaments ? I also join the question: when will be your next tournament ? smile.gif
In fact hell knows. So far we do not have set dates for tournaments.

Mostly when there is a tournament around max 10 guys show up.... Rarely more....
If you would be interested, then at least one car of players could arrive from Poland smile.gif I think some of my playing friends would be interested in visiting Minsk for a warhammer weekend smile.gif
Usually 40k tournaments, rarely FB.

next 40k tournament will be at the end of June, maybe 26-27

Well, if you intend to visit us, then welcome!!! It is always nice to see new faces and try something different...

P.S.: i play rarely, so in fact it would be incorrect to say that I'm tired of every list and every trick, but nevertheless it would be wonderful if you visit us.
Sure thing. We love to travel to new places and challange new players smile.gif Organize a tournament then smile.gif
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