Для тех, кто ещё не в курсе смотрите сами:

основная суть в том, что:
The Magic Online 2009 Championship Series takes place online and culminates each season with a final tournament that offers 1 of 8 slots in the 2009 Magic Online Championship to be held in Rome, Italy during the Magic: The Gathering Worlds event held November 19 – 22, 2009.

Qualifier Points
In addition to the normal prizes for specified tournaments, high finishing players earn qualifier points (QPs) based on the following schedule:
The winner of any 8-player queue (Constructed, Draft, or Sealed) earns 1 QP
8-player constructed queues will be added for appropriate seasons.
Finishing in the top 8 of any scheduled Daily or Premier Event earn 3 QPs

A player must have earned at least 15 QPs during the season to be eligible for the season championship.
Длиться всё это чудо, а точнее каждый сезон будет примерно 28 дней... в конце,после финального турнира в каждом сезоне призы и какая - то карточка, в апрельском сезона, ею стала Cryptic Command:
Place Boosters
1 72
2 54
3-4 36
5-8 18
9-16 12
17-32 6
33-64 3

All who participate in the Season Championship will get a copy of the announced promo card. Top 32 will also receive a foil copy of the announced promo card.

Там ещё много интересного написано, особенно про финальный турнир в Риме...