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Анонс первого международного турнира по WFB в Латвии.

Анонсирую турнир по WHFB 2250, который планируется провести с 28 февраля по 1 марта

Композиция армии близка к стандартной на турнирах в последнее время, 5 игр:
Без одинаковых рар, не более двух одинаковых спешелов и не более трех одинаковых кор, при условии, что это не ранк и фаил пехота, без стрелкового оружия.

Max 10 PD/9 DD

Турнир будет проходить в Риге, "младшем" корпусе Рижской 71-ой средней школы (ул. Гривас 26). Координаты в GoogleMap: 56.963813,24.048429

Contact info:
Kostja (Tutor ): +371_2_94_72_807 ([email protected])
Conjurer: +371_26_555_973 ([email protected])


Остальное позже. Smile Появится в ближайшие дни.
Riga Battlefield rules (almost the same as Tallinn tournament)
Army size up to 2250 points


Models do not have to be painted, but they must me assembled and no proxies are allowed (although wysiwyg is not required).
Non-GW models and conversions are perfectly fine.
All models have to be based on the proper sized base (check the base size chart), although a model may be based on a bigger base, if that is the base that is supplied with it when purchased from the supplier.

Allowed army lists

Usual army lists, which have been out by registration deadline
Chaos Beasts ignore the new list in the White Dwarf and use the lists from their current army books.
Dogs of War from White Dwarf # 251 (link: http://uk.games-workshop.com/dogsofwar/lists/)
Chaos Dwarfs
No Storm of Chaos army lists

Army composition

2250 points

Dogs of War allowed (only the ones from WD #251), Regiments of Renown not allowed
No special characters
No Storm of Chaos and Albion magic items or units
Maximum three slots dedicated to chariots. If a character rides a chariot, then this counts as using a slot if and only if it is stated in the army list that the chariot takes an additional slot.
Maximum three flying units; any character mounted on a flying creature counts as a flying unit, as well as a character that for some reason has the ability to fly (e.g. due to a magic item). Any dragon (together with its rider) counts as two flying units for the purpose of this restriction, except high elf star dragon and sun dragon; star dragon counts as three flying units and sun dragon as one flying unit.

Orcs & Goblins: armies where all characters are goblins gain two extra hero slots, which may not be spent for wizards

Lizardmen: must choose one of the following two restrictions:
1. maximum three units of skinks (excluding chameleons)
2. no Charm of the Jaguar Warrior

1. Pure Tzeench armies may use up to 15 power dice instead of 10
2. Pure Khorne armies may use up to 10 dispel dice instead of 9


Maximum 10 power dice can be used per magic phase.
Maximum 9 dispel dice can be used per magic phase.

Each bound spell which is not ‘one-use only’ counts, when activated, as one power die used. Each bound spell which is ‘one-use only’, counts, when activated, as one power die used in the current magic phase and also all subsequent magic phases.

Each dispel scroll used counts as two dispel dice used in the current magic phase and also all subsequent magic phases.

Dice used to cast spells that grant additional power dice are not counted towards the maximum limit of power dice. Dispel dice/scrolls used to dispel such spells are not counted towards the maximum amount of dispel dice.

The rules restrictions will be following: without the same rare choices, no more than 2 same special choices and 3 core choices, in cases, if that not rank&file infantrym without shooting weapon.

Time, schedule and other info will be provided later.
3 Games at Saturday and 2 Games in Sunday.

Scoring System:
Massacre 20
Solid victory 17
Minor victory 13
Draw 10
Minor lost 7
Solid lost 3
Massacred 0

In addition to points for games, there will be points for painting in the tournament. Although the tournament is positioned as a tournament which is all about generalship, the local specifics is such that the players need to be encouraged to paint their armies. The amount of points for painting is determined by the organizer using the following guidelines:
The army is unpainted: 0 points
The army is undercoated: 5 points
The army is painted and based: 10 points
The army is painted in one theme: +5 points (for wholly painted armies only)
The army has noticeable conversions and/or outstanding centerpiece miniatures: +5 points (for wholly painted armies only)

There will be a separate prize for the most impressive painting/conversion.
Additional info:

Changes in rules, exception due to numerous high elves asks:
High elves can take up to 2 same rare slots.

Registration pay: 5 Ls (7 Euro).
Rosters will be open for opponents.
Registration, rosters and T-shirt size please send to email, [email protected]
The deadline for rosters and registration is 26 february.
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