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post Вторник, 11-oe Апреля 2006, 18:18
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The Judge
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Francois "Warden" Loehr
3-capacity Judge
Defense Judgement
(D) actions that target Francois cost an additional blood or life.

Maman Boumba
4 cap Martyr
Innocence / Martyrdom
During a referendum, Maman may burn a conviction to get 3 votes against the referendum. You may tap Maman before range is determined in a
combat between two monsters to end that combat.

Pedro Cortez
4 cap Avenger
Vengance / Martyrdom
+1 strength. Pedro cannot manuver to long range, press to end combat or end combat as a strike.

Liz "Ticket312" Thornton
2-cap Innocent
Innocence Redemption

Peter "outback295" Rophail
4 cap Redeemer
Redemption / Vengeance
While Peter is in combat with a monster he may burn a conviction to get a maneuver.

Jennie "cassie247" Orne
5 cap Visionary
Vision / Judgement / Innocence
Any incapacitated imbued may moce to the ready region by burning 2 conviction during any methuselah's untap phase.

Inez "nurse216" Villagrande
3 cap Innocent
When Inez enters play, you may search your library or hand for a power that requires innocence and put it on her.

Marion "teacher193" Perks
4 cap Redeemer
Redemption / Judgement
Marion gets an optional press each combat.

Beatrice "oracle171" Tremblay
3 cap Innocent
Innocence / Vengeance
During your untap phase, another ready imbued you control takes 1 unpreventable damage. +1 bleed

Xian "DziDzat155" Quan
4-capacity Defender
Defense Innocence
If Xian successfully blocks a monster and is still ready at the end of the action, he may gain a conviction from your hand or ash heap.

Jack "Hannibal137" Harmon
4-capacity Defender
Defense Judgement
Jack gets an optional maneuver on the first round of combat.

Erick "Shophet125" Franco
4-capacity Judge
Innocence Judgement
If Erick successfully enters combat with a monster as an action, he may gain a conviction from your hand or ash heap (before combat begins).

Leaf "potter116" Pankowski
4 cap Redeemer
Innocence / Vision / Redemption
During your discard phase leaf may tap to gain a conviction card from your library, hand or ash heap.

John "Cop90" O'Malley
4-capacity Avenger
Judgement Vengeance
John may enter combat with a monster as a (D) action that costs 1 conviction.

Earl "Shaka74" Deams
6 cap Visionary
Judgement / Vision / Martyrdom
Earl gets +1 stealth on actions other than actions to enter combat. During your untap phase, if you control more than 2 ready imbued, Earl
burns 1 conviction.

Travis "Traveler72" Miller
5-cap Martyr
Defense Martyrdom

Jennifer "Flame61" Vidisania
4-cap Avenger
Vengeance Martyrdom
Weapons cost Jennifer 1 less pool or blood. +1 bleed. -1 stealth.

Paul "Sixofswords29" Moreton
4-capacity Visionary
Defense Vision
During your influence phase, you may move a counter from your pool to an imbued in your uncontrolled region.

Lupe "Cabbie22" Droin
4-capacity Defender
Defense Vengeance
If Lupe has a vehicle, once each action she may burn a conviction to get +1 stealth or +1 intercept.

Anna "Dictatrix11" Suljic
6 cap Martyr
Martyrdom / Redemption / Vision
Anna may move 2 blood from the blood bank to any vampire as a +1 stealth action. During your untap phase, you may look at the top 3
cards of your library.


Defense Power
[Reaction] [2 conviction] Only usable when a monster controlled by another Methuselah is taking a (D) action against you or against an
imbued controlled by any player. The action fails and the acting monster enters combat with this imbued instead.

Action (Power) Justice
[Reaction] +1 intercept. Only usable when a monster is acting.

Action (Power) Justice
[Action Modifier] Only usable at the end of a successful action (after resolving the action). Untap this imbued.
[Reaction] [1 Conviction] Usable by a tapped imbued. Untap this imbued.

Action (Power) Vengeance
[combat / reaction]
Burn 1 conviction, Put 3 surge counters on this imbued. This imbued may burn any number of surge counters to prevent that amount of
non-aggravated damage. Burn all surge counters on this imbued at the end of the action.

Action (Power) Redemption
Only usable before strikes are chosen
Burn 2 conviction. Burn this card. the opposing monster takes an amout of damage equal to his or her strength, then the combat ends. Not
useable on a infernal minion, a vampire with a capacity above 7, nor a vampire with Memories of Mortality or Humanitas.

Action (Power) Innocence
[action modifier]
Burn 1 conviction. Only usable as the action is announced. Monsters get -1 intercept against this action.
Burn 1 conviction. Only usable during (D) action targeting this imbued. The action fails.

Action (Power) Martyrdom
[action modifier]
Only usable when action is announced.
Burn 1 conviction. Vampires with capacity less than 7 and monster allies that cost less than 4 pool cannot block this action.

Strike With Conviction
Burn to make a hand or weapon strike against a monster at +1 damage. Burn to bleed at +1 bleed as a D action.

React With Conviction
When and effect that would change control of this imbued is played or announced, you may burn this card to cancel that effect. Burn this card
to cancel either a D action against this imbued that requires Chimerstry, Dementation, Dominate, Presence or Serpentis or a strike
that requires any of those Disciplines played by a minion opposing this imbued as it is announced. No cost is paid.

Second Sight
An Imbued may burn only one Second Sight for the following effects each action.
Burn when a monster is acting to give this imbued +1 intercept for this action.
Burn when this minion declares an action to give monsters -1 intercept for this action.

Living Woodstaff
Avenger Equipment
X convicition
Unique melee weapon.
Strength damage each strike. Imbued inflict +X damage each strike with this weapon. Using cleave with this weapon will not burn this weapon.

Moise Kasavubu
2 pool
Unique mortal with 1 life. 0 strength, 0 bleed. Requires a ready imbued.
Moise may strike for 2R damage. He may take a +1 stealth action to search your library (shuffle afterward) or hand for an equipment and
move it to any ready imbued you control (that imbued must meet the requirements and pay the cost as normal).

Vigil: The Thin Line
Defender Master
Master: unique hunter-list
Put this card in play. Tap this card to give a Defender +1 intercept when a monster is acting.

Angel of Berlin
Master: out-of-turn. Requires a ready imbued.
Untap an imbued, or equip a ready imbued you control with an equipment from your hand (requirements must be met; pay cost as normal). Not
usable during combat.

Master Visionary
Master: unique hunter-list.
Tap this card and burn 1 pool to move two card that require an imbued (or a creed or a virtue) from your ash heap to the top of your library.
You may then cut your library once.

Break the Code
Event Gehenna
Imbued get -1 intercept when attempting to block monsters. A ready monster can enter combat with an imbued as a (D) action.

The Church of Vindicated Faith
Master, unique location. Requires a ready imbued
Cost: 1 Pool
When an imbued successfully performs an action, tap this card to move 1 blood from the blood bank to an imbued in your uncontrolled region

The Crusader Sword
Unique Melee Weapon
Cost: 1 Pool
Strength +1 aggravated damage each strike. Only usable by a minion with true faith or an imbued. Vampires opposing this minion with true faith
or this imbued cannot use maneuvers to go to close range.

Edge Explosion
Requires at least one other gehenna card in play. Each Imbued can have (and use) one power card for which he or she doesn't meet the
requirements. An imbued that performs a successful action may gain 1 conviction from his or her ash heap. An Imbued can only gain 1
conviction this way each turn.

Martyrdom combat card
Cost: 1 conviction
Only usable before range is determined
For the remainder of this combat, the amount of damage inflicted on this imbued by hand strikes, melee weapon strikes or retainers is also
inflicted on the striking minion or damage dealing retainer, even if this imbued prevents the damage.

Action Defense
This action is at +1 stealth if it is undirected.
Put this card on any minion. (D) actions directed at this minion cost monsters an additional blood or life. If this minion is a monster, he
or she burns a blood or life when he or she attempts an action or a block. This minion may burn this card as an action. A minion can have
only one Lock.
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post Среда, 12-oe Апреля 2006, 23:41
Сообщение #2

Monsters We Are!!!
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Сет на первый взгляд не впечатлил. Абсолютно!!!
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post Четверг, 13-oe Апреля 2006, 02:43
Сообщение #3

Маньяк и извращенец
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Да нет, вполне себе играбельный сет, просто на фоне предыдущих смотрится непривычно...
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post Четверг, 13-oe Апреля 2006, 07:53
Сообщение #4

The Judge
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А вот и FELDB со ВСЕМИ картами нового сета:

FELDB with NoR
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post Четверг, 20-oe Апреля 2006, 23:48
Сообщение #5

Monsters We Are!!!
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Блин, а библиотека-то глючная по-дикому. Выкиньте ссылку, пожалуйста, как поправят.
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