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> Изменения текста карт в 10th anniversary set
post Воскресенье, 10-oe Апреля 2005, 07:11
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VEKN Prince of Minsk
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Как-то сразу после выхода сета я пропустила этот момент, обнаружила только недавно. Однако, думаю, многим будет полезно ознакомится.
Here's a list of the functional changes found in the Tenth Anniversary set.

Anneke: Can block even if "[] Who May Attempt to Block" would
exclude her, just like Eagle's Sight's effect. It doesn't allow the
Methuselah to block with Anneke after declining to block.

Antoinette DuChamp: Celerity actions and combat have increased cost, not a
burn blood side effect. (Note that the new version is misprinted --
swapping capacity for group. Errata: Antoinette is still group 2 and has a
capacity of 1).

Blood Bond: is put into play.

Camille Devereux, The Raven: Is not two different vampires. (1994 Jyhad
version of Camille, 1995 VTES version of Raven, and this card all contest
one another, as they are the same vampire).

Ghoul Escort: is once again only employable by a vampire (The 1995 VTES
version had inadvertently dropped the "All Kindred" designation of the
Jyhad version).

Giovanni Acceptance, Invitation Accepted, Ravnos Acceptance, and Revocation
of Tyre: work on in-play vampires as well as vampires brought into play
later. Sect change is optional, but only choosable when the acceptance
enters play or when the vampire enters play.

Magdalena Schaefer: Thaumaturgy strikes have increased cost, not a burn
blood side effect.

Mariel, Lady Thunder: She inflicts the damage (interesting only for effects
like Memories of Mortality).

Patrizia Giovanni: Retrieval actions have increased cost, not a burn blood
side effect.

Tainted Vitae: is put into play.

Veiled Sight: If the acting vampire has negative stealth, the effect will
raise it to zero.

Собственнно, существенных изменений я вижу только 2:
Anneke имеет просто встроенный Eagle's Sight, без всяких прежних заморочек.
Camille Devereux и The Raven - это один и тот же вампир.
Ну и тем, кто собирается играть Giovanni Acceptance, Invitation Accepted, Ravnos Acceptance или Revocation of Tyre, полезно будет узнать, как они работают. wink.gif
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